Wouldn’t you like to know what to expect before dropping your car off and waiting for the dreadful call from the mechanic. Brakes and oil change prices are fairly consistent , We do not charge for a basic code scan of the check engine light. Depending on the code that comes up we will let you know if additional diagnostic time is needed to repair it .

How much do you charge for an oil change?
We charge $20.00 plus oil and filter Most cars between $40.00 and $50.00

How much do Brakes Cost ?
Brake pads and rotors is on average $250 for front or rear. If it isn’t grinding yet you may be able get by with a little less by not replacing your rotors.

Can you get me cheap tires?
We can get you tires or you can order them have them sent directly to us to install by clicking the tirebuyer link on our front page

How much will a new transmission cost ?
Its hard to give an exact price , but usually they can be replaced with a 3 year warranty for $2500 – $3000